Discover the equipment you will be provided for your speleology exursion


Here you find a list of what you will have to bring with you


How much is the costs to participate to a River Walking excursion

Speleology is the discipline that deals with traveling and exploring caves… In most cases it is an activity reserved for people with specific training, but this is not always the case... The peculiarity of the itineraries we propose is that they are practically flat therefore accessible and practicable by anyone!
Equipped with wetsuits, helmets and headlamps, entering the underground world is a unique and wonderful experience.

Visiting a cave allows us to experience ancestral sensations by discovering enchanted, almost fairy-tale environments, formed by corridors interspersed with large rooms, small flooded canyons and beautiful lakes decorated everywhere with calcareous concretions such as stalactites and stalagmites, columns and deposits which, illuminated only by headlamps, take on strange shapes, which maybe only we see!


Over the years we have tested and selected specific producers and materials to always offer the best! We pay great attention to the equipment both for the high safety guarantees and to ensure maximum comfort for the participants. During the excursions you will be provided with all the equipment you need for the day in the cave.

  • 5 mm neoprene wetsuit

    Wearing a wetsuit does not protect us from entering water, but from cold, helping us to keep our body temperature at optimal levels. We use 2-piece wet suits, jacket and Long John, created specifically for canyoning and river walking; with reinforcements and more elastic areas that allow better movements. The jackets have a hood that can be worn if you are particularly prone to the cold.

  • Neoprene socks

    Neoprene socks have the same use as normal socks. They are worn under the wetsuit and inside shoes, their function is to protect our body from the cold.

  • Helmet

    They are made up of a rigid shell that protects the head from any bumps and stones that can fall from above. They are adjustable for all heads, through a simple and fast sliding adjustment system. Many of our helmets are already prepared with mounts for action cameras!

  • Headlamp

    Having to move in an environment completely devoid of light, headlamps are essential to see where you put your feet and to admire the extraordinary limestone concretions.


Here are the few and simple things to bring when you come canyoning with us!
Plastic bags for storing wet clothing and what kind of shoes to wear are important advice for your perfect canyoning day.
For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Swimming suit

    To be used under the wetsuit, we recommend not wearing too loose swimwear (such as shorts) to facilitate when you need to put on the wetsuit. It is also possible to wear tight shorts.

  • T-shirt

    We recommend always wearing a t-shirt, even under your wetsuit, preferably a technical shirt that can be long-sleeved on days with particularly low temperatures.

  • Hiking or gym shoes

    Shoes are important to ensure a good grip during the activity. High trekking boots that also protect the ankle are excellent, sneakers or running shoes with a good sculpted sole are also fine. Absolutely to be avoided diving shoes!

  • Towel or bathrobe

    We will need it at the end of the activity, when, having removed the wetsuit, we will have to dry ourselves and change our wet clothes.

  • Spare clothes

    At the end of the activity after drying off, we will need a complete change to be able to get dressed and go home.

  • Bottle of water

    A half liter bottle per person is usually sufficient. We recommend those in disposable plastic to prevent thermoses or other rigid materials from damaging. Good hydration is essential when doing physical activity, especially in the summer when temperatures are high.

  • Energy bar

    It might be a good idea to bring one or more energy bars to refresh yourself during the activity. Keep in mind that everything you bring into the gorge gets wet, so the bars must also be sealed.

  • Plastic bags

    It sounds like silly advice, but it's handy to have one or more plastic bags to store wet clothes and shoes that would otherwise drip in the car.


  • Price/person

    Over 14

    € 35,00
  • Price/person

    Under 14

    € 35,00