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Forra del Casco

2024mer01mag10:00Forra del CascoVertical emotions in Valnerina10:00 Pontuglia, PGTipo di eventoCANYONING


This canyon, tucked away in the Valnerina, is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable in the valley.
It always gives a rush of excitement to those who explore it.
The adventure begins in the narrowest and deepest part of the gorge, where you can slide and abselling over rocks until you reach the highest waterfall of 30 meters… Pure adrenaline!
After that, the valley widens, but the fun doesn’t stop.
There are more slides and more waterfalls to rappel down in a stunning natural setting.

👉 What to bring:
☑️ Swimsuit
☑️ T-shirt
☑️ Hiking boots or sneakers (no diving shoes or sandals)
☑️ towel or bathrobe
☑️ A complete change of clothes, including shoes, to be left in the car
☑️ One or more plastic bags to put wet clothes and shoes

👉 Recommended bring:
☑️ A small bottle of water (1/2 liter)
☑️ Energy bars

👉 What we provide you:
Neoprene wetsuit 5mm
Neoprene socks 3mm
☑️ Helmet
☑️ Harness
☑️ Technical equipment (rops, carabiner, figure-of-eight descender, ecc.)

💰 Price: 60,00€

N.B. he itinerary may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the guides based on weather and safety conditions that will be evaluated before and during the excursion.
Each participant is required to comply with the methods of participation established by the guide, following his instructions, otherwise, the relationship of trust and responsibility will cease.



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