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Forra di Riancoli

2024sab20aprile10:00Forra di RiancoliDiving, tobaga and water games10:00 Carsoli, Bar CasabiancaTipo di eventoCANYONING


If you are looking for an adventure in nature, you should try the Forra di Riancoli, a spectacular canyon in the Regional Park of Monte Navegna and Cervia, near the village of Collalto Sabino, less than 1 hour car from Rome.
You will follow a stream that starts as a gentle flow through beautiful woods, but soon becomes a thrilling challenge as it enters the deeper part of the canyon whit narrow and steep wall.
You will have to jump, slide, swim and abseil through amazing rock formations, crystal clear pools and potholes carved by the water.
The highlight of the route is a stunning waterfall of about 12 meters, where you will use a rope to descend into a whirlpool of excitement.
But the fun doesn’t stop there, more jumps and abseiling await you until you reach a large pool with incredible clear water where you can do the final exhilarating jump!

👉 What to bring:
☑️ Swimsuit
☑️ T-shirt
☑️ Hiking boots or sneakers (no diving shoes or sandals)
☑️ Towel or bathrobe
☑️ A complete change of clothes, including shoes, to be left in the care
☑️ One or more plastic bags to put wet clothes and shoes

👉 Recommended bring:
☑️ A small bottle of water (1/2 liter)
☑️ Energy bars

👉 What we provide you:
Neoprene wetsuit 5mm
Neoprene socks 3mm
☑️ Helmet
☑️ Harness
☑️ Technical equipment (rops, carabiner, figure-of-eight descender, ecc.)

💰 Pricee: 60,00€

N.B. The itinerary may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the guides based on weather and safety conditions that will be evaluated before and during the excursion.
Each participant is required to comply with the methods of participation established by the guide, following his instructions, otherwise, the relationship of trust and responsibility will cease.



(Sabato) 10:00

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