Fosso della Mola

2024dom21aprile10:00Fosso della MolaAdrenaline in an Italian rainforest10:00 Casette - RI, Strada Regionale 578 Salto Cicolana, 51Tipo di eventoCANYONING


Embark on an amazing adventure, near the enchanting valley of Salto River, nestled near the famed Balzi di Grotti cliffs, a climber’s paradise, just 10 km from Rieti.
Our journey commences at the historic Fosso della Mola, where the remnants of an ancient mill whisper tales of yesteryear.
As we delve into the heart of the forest, a tapestry of verdant flora unfurls before us.
Here, a playful dance between land and water begins, with shallow streams giving way to mysterious deep pools, inviting the daring to plunge into their depths.
The forest’s embrace grows tighter, its greenery more vibrant with each step we take.
Suddenly, the landscape transforms. The gorge, once wide and welcoming, now constricts, its walls rising steeply around us.
We are greeted by the majestic waterfalls, their waters cascading with a thunderous roar. The tallest, a spectacular 12-meter drop, challenges us to embrace the thrill of the descent.
Toboggans carve through the rock, creating natural slides, while small leaps from stone to stone add a pulse-quickening rhythm to our adventure.
But the true heart-stopping moment awaits. With a surge of adrenaline, we rappel down through a hidden cave, where the water has carved the rock into strange shapes and waterfalls.
This is not just a canyoning experience; it’s a symphony of nature’s raw power and beauty, a thrilling odyssey that promises to leave you awestruck and yearning for more.
Are you ready to answer the call of the wild and discover the untamed spirit of Fosso della Mola? Let’s dive into this adventure together!

👉 What to bring:
☑️ Swimsuit
☑️ T-shirt
☑️ Hiking boots or sneakers (no diving shoes or sandals)
☑️ Towel or bathrobe
☑️ A complete change of clothes, including shoes, to be left in the car
☑️ One or more plastic bags to put wet clothes and shoes

👉 Recommended bring:
☑️ A small bottle of water (1/2 liter)
☑️ Energy bars

👉What we provide you:
Neoprene wetsuit 5mm
Neoprene socks 3mm
☑️ Helmet
☑️ Harness
☑️ Technical equipment (rops, carabiner, figure-of-eight descender, ecc.)

💰 Price: 60,00€

N.B. he itinerary may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the guides based on weather and safety conditions that will be evaluated before and during the excursion.
Each participant is required to comply with the methods of participation established by the guide, following his instructions, otherwise, the relationship of trust and responsibility will cease.



(Domenica) 10:00

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