Punta degli Stretti Cave

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Equipped with neoprene wetsuits, helmets and headlamps, we stand ready to enter into underground world for an experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary.
This journey promises to reawaken the primal awe of discovery, transporting us to realms that seem conjured from the pages of a fantasy epic.
The temperatures inside the cave are constant, pleasant, and allow you to explore it in all seasons.
Unlike most typical caverns, that are vertical, this cave is distinguished by its horizontal layout, featuring a mere 3 meters of elevation gain, making it effortlessly accessible and explorable for everyone, including children.
Spanning nearly a kilometer, this limestone kingdom unfolds in a series of corridors, grand chambers, and petite canyons, each leading to tranquil lakes that reflect the stalactites above.
Here, the stone itself tells a story, with every stalactite, stalagmite, and column a testament to the slow yet persistent march of time. The formations take on peculiar and unique silhouettes, inspiring awe and curiosity with their whimsical and sometimes otherworldly appearances.
This is more than an exploration—it’s a amazing odyssey into the heart of Earth’s, testament to the wonders that lie just beneath our feet.
Ready to embark on this enchanting voyage?
Let’s uncover the secrets etched in stone and water together!

👉 What to bring:
☑️ Swimsuit
☑️ T-shirt
☑️ Hiking boots or sneakers
☑️ towel or bathrobe
☑️ A complete change of clothes, including shoes, to be left in the car
☑️ one or more plastic bags to put wet clothes and shoes
☑️ a small bottle of water (1/2 liter)
☑️ Energy bars

👉 What we provide you:
☑️ Neoprene wetsuit 5mm
☑️ Neoprene socks 3mm
☑️ Helmet
☑️ headlamp

💰 Price: €45,00

N.B. The itinerary may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the guides based on weather and safety conditions that will be evaluated before and during the excursion.
Each participant is required to comply with the methods of participation established by the guide, following his instructions, otherwise, the relationship of trust and responsibility will cease.



24 luglio 2024 10:00 - 14:30

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